Supplements and Oils to Help Get You Through The Long Winter

posted by Iowa Family Chiropractic on 1/28/2019 in Blog

iowa family chiropractic black radish root

One of most sought after supplements this time of year is Spanish Black Radish by Standard Process. SBR is a powerful antiviral that fights cold and flu viruses. We recommend only taking it if you are showing signs of sickness, not as a preventive since it is a strong detoxifying agent.

iowa family chiropractic oils

Peace and Calming is essentially relaxation in a bottle. You can diffuse it or apply it to pulse points to take with you! It promotes healthy sleep, calms tension (great for overactive kids) and is generally up lifting. It is one of our favs in the clinic!

Cedarwood is an excellent oil to diffuse in January! Not only does it smell warm and woody, it also aids in attention and focus, something many of us desire as we move into a new year.

iowa family chiropractic supplements

Tired, stressed, or off-balance? We've got you.

We carry these three supplements in our office and they work wonders for getting you back to your normal self.

Symplex F is designed specifically to help balance a woman's body. Standard Process supplements never contain hormones, but rather support your body's own natural hormone producers. 

Cataplex B contains several B vitamins in one to boost energy at a cellular level and provide emotional stability. 

Drenamin Supports the adrenal glands, modulating your body's stress response and increasing energy levels.


If you're sick right now. You need this supplement!!!  Liposomal Vitamin C delivers a powerful dose of antioxidants directly into your blood, similar to IV therapy, but without the cost and time commitment. Vitamin C is essential in boosting your immune system to get you back to healthy.

iowa family chiropractic thieves

Thieves is a top 5 oil here in the winter months. It has powerful antimocrobial properties, so we like to diffuse a few drops to cleanse the air. Grab a roller bottle and dilute with a carrier oil to make a healthy hand sanitizer, rub a drop on your feet for an immune boost, or add a small amount to a vinegar and water spray for cleaning at home. We love the versatility of this oil!

We have all of these and a full line of essential oils and supplement available in the office. If you have questions please let us know. You can check them out at your next appointment.

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