Summer savings!

posted on 7/3/2017 in Blog

Summer is finally here and I am sure everyone is looking for ways to save money this summer! Today’s blog post is going to be full of helpful money savings tips for the summer months!


Saving money, especially throughout the crazy, wild, and busy summer, doesn’t always seem like the easiest task in the world. Between paying for extra summer activities, daycare, vacations, higher electricity bills, and more, the summer means sometimes spending more money than you usually do. But, thanks to these few tips I am about to share with you all today, creating special summer memories doesn’t have to break the bank or leave you stranded at home!

1. Enjoy the outdoors!

In many places, summer can be a great time and possibly the only time to spend time outside, so enjoy it while it lasts! Getting outdoors will be fun and a great way to save money as there are plenty of outdoor activities to participate in, such as hiking, camping trips, walking the dog, riding your bike, going for a swim, going on a run, or having a grill out with friends and family!

2. Ride your bike when you can!

I don’t know about everyone else, but I love riding my bike and only get to do so for what seems like only a few months out of the year so enjoy it while you can! This is an awesome way to save money during the summer because you not only get a good workout, but you get to enjoy the beautiful weather by saving money on transportation!

3. Find free fun!

Check neighboring towns or websites for free music performances and festivals.

Visit the library weekly for a steady supply of reading material and educational medial. The library is often cool on extremely hot days as well.

Check to see what lakes/rivers/oceans are within driving distance. Take a day trip without the added expense of a hotel stay. Check the local pools for free swim times as well.

4. Block out the sun and use a programmable thermostat!

Your place will heat up quickly; so on hot days close your curtains to help keep your place cool. This sounds like a very simple thing, but is a great way to save some money during the summer, and is great to keep the apartment/condo/house/etc. At a better temperature! Shut the shades, close the curtains, and close the front door to help contain the cool air conditioning.

In addition to blocking out the sun, use a programmable thermostat. If you do not have one of these yet, I highly recommend one! They are relatively affordable, and you will make your money back in months! With a programmable thermostat you can set exact temperature that you want for different times throughout the day. It is nice to have the thermostat automatically change on a set schedule saving you money when you head off to work and it is programmed to turn up, saving you from wasting electricity or money cooling a house that no one is in. It is also nice for when you are sleeping, away on a long trip or just for the weekend.

5. Get rid of cable!

Cancel your cable for the summer. You might realize that you don’t even miss it!

6. Eat locally or build your own garden!

Attend a local farmer's market for fresh berries, vegetables and home grown goodies. If you have extra free time, think about growing your own fruits and vegetables at home!

Happy summer savings, everyone! 

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