New Experiences for a Better Me

posted on 6/19/2017 in Blog

Some of you may know that I am a pretty avid reader. I went to a ton of schooling, and some days actually miss being pushed to learn at a fast rate all the time. So my way of dealing with that is to read a lot. I don’t really pleasure read, but read to make myself a better person in some aspect of my life. Right now I am reading Extreme You by Sarah Robb O’Hagan. It is a really good book about pushing yourself constantly to be extreme in your life. To not play it safe, and to always be growing and trying to reach a goal.

One part of it that has stood out to me so far, like duh, why am I not doing this already. Its striving to do one or two new things every month that are outside of your comfort zone. It could be volunteering, trying out a new hobby, going to a club or function, or simply just introducing yourself to someone that you normally wouldn’t. If we live a life where we never settle, and are always trying something new and putting ourselves out there we learn more about ourselves and grow each time. In order to grow you have to be stretched right. Plus think about all the amazing experiences that you will force yourself to try, and who knows you may discover a love or passion where you never expected to find it.

So my goal this week, after reading that is to make a bucket list of things that I want to try. But it has to be things that I normally wouldn’t do. That way I can pick something every month or maybe I will get crazy and try two or three, the sky is really the limit here. I never want to settle, and my only competition that I care about is being better than the person I was yesterday. So if you have any ideas for my bucket list to help make me a super sweet well rounded individual, hit me up. I’m ready! Also you should read this book. Its pretty great so far.

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