Dr. Claire, What's Your Workout Routine?

posted by Iowa Family Chiropractic on 9/17/2018 in Blog

dr. claire

I work out at Next Level Extreme Fitness NLXF - Des Moines. It's never at the same time each day but I make it a priority to fit it in my schedule, not only because I know I need to exercise but because I absolutely love it (and it's only an hour). I love how I feel afterward, the energy it gives me, the stress relief, how my mood is instantly better, etc. So, most days I go at 6:30 right after work, or if I have a half day it might be at 6AM or 4:30PM. They accommodate for everyone's schedules. Main reason I love to exercise now is because of NLXF - the environment, the instructors, how each workout is different every day, but also how you're working out with people who help keep everyone motivated. I used to workout because I felt I had to, but now I've found a place that makes want to continue out of pure enjoyment. I imagine a lot people feel that way to, but you just have to find a place/routine/whatever that makes you actually enjoy it.

The workouts are in 8 week sessions. MWF - kickboxing, but mixed in is some cardio or ab work. TTh - could be entirely a strength workout or cardio mixed with strength, just depends. Some days we will go outside, run hills, in front of businesses, etc. So you can expect some similarity throughout the weeks but no day is the same routine.

I workout because I want to be healthier. I want to be more fit so I can be active for the entirety of my life. I don't want to be in a walker by the time I'm 80. I also do it because of how I feel from it - like I said I have more energy, I feel more confident, and I do it to avoid disease later in life (and now).

It may change the decisions throughout the day because I make it a priority to go to the class every day. I'm not afraid to cancel plans or move them around to accommodate for the class.

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