Caffeine: friend or foe?

posted on 2/20/2017 in Blog

If you are like me, you love to start your day off right with a cup of coffee. I love the ritual of a cup of strong black coffee to get my day started off on the right foot. Then, maybe I have another cup of coffee in the afternoon, because it seems like a great way to take a break from my day and come back better and sharper than before. A caffeinated Dr. Miranda is better than uncaffeinated, right? Well, the answer is...maybe.  Trust me I know, your defenses are already up with the mention of cutting out coffee from your daily routine. But, I encourage you to look at the benefits and risks of coffee, and make an educated decision on whether caffeine is your friend or foe.

First lets talk about the benefits of coffee, since I know thats what most of you want to focus on. First and foremost coffee is a powerful antioxidant. We are exposed to toxic chemicals every single day. They are in the food we eat, things we drink, stuff we put on our bodies, and the air we breathe day in and day out. All of that toxic junk causes a lot of stress to our bodies which ultimately leads to damage and disease. Antioxidants like coffee combat all the junk we are exposed to, which makes it a powerful preventer of damage and disease, and a powerful anti-aging agent. It also protects the liver by causing increased circulation and stimulation to the liver, which is used for detoxing our bodies naturally. Lastly it enhances athletic activity due to its caffeine content, and helps with cognitive function due to increased blood flow to the brain. I won’t fight you when you say that coffee is good for you in moderation, but we also need to talk about reasons to look for other alternatives.

(I’m sorry), here are some risks to be aware of. First, coffee can become addictive. Too much coffee causes overstimulation to all parts of the body, leading to burn-out of your adrenal glands. In fact, an estimated 80% of Americans experience adrenal fatigue at some point in there lives. So if you have chronic fatigue, an autoimmune disease, thyroid problems, adrenal or hormone issues you really should steer clear of caffeine. Also, if you suffer from anxiety it should be avoided due to increased brain stimulation.

Is a caffeinated Dr. Miranda better? The answer unfortunately for me is no. Several years ago I was diagnosed with adrenal fatigue and Hashimoto’s disease (an autoimmune disease that targets the thyroid gland), which makes me probably the least prime candidate for enjoying that cup (or more) of coffee that I have been accustomed to enjoying daily. Now, you all know that coffee and I can’t be friends for awhile at least while I give my body a chance to heal. Although this has always been a tough decision for me, my health is much more important than that delicious cup of coffee. If this article created some doubts on if you should be drinking coffee, come find me so we can discuss it and maybe we cry over our loss together.

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