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Pediatric Chiropractic

Kids are very special to us. The road to true health and a long life begins in childhood.

Parents are often concerned with the question of how to keep their kids healthy, and as with any health care provider, you want to know that your doctor is trained in pediatric care. Our doctors have undergone additional education to become experts in chiropractic adjustments for children. Our office is fun and friendly so children visiting our office to get adjusted.

Kane (14 months): Child Chiropractic Adjustment at Iowa Family Chiropractic 

The nervous system is in control of the growth, repair and function of every part of the body, and it sends messages to each and every tissue and organ, telling it how to work.

When the spine is misaligned, it interferes with the course of these messages, and the body may not appropriately respond. Chiropractors are able to remove these interferences with gentle adjustments to your child’s developing spine, allowing your child’s nervous system to function at maximum capacity and respond suitably to environmental stresses. Health is not the absence of symptoms, but rather the ability to react and adapt to the events encountered in life.

new born chiropractic adjustment

Birth is unavoidably stressful for your little one, which alone can cause a disturbance in the nervous system. Because of this, newborns are especially susceptible to spinal misalignment and stress on the nerves. This may not be apparent initially, but if left uncorrected, it could cause problems in the years to come. If your child’s body is stressed in any way, normal spinal alignment may be lost, and growth and development may be altered. This may show up in many forms, such as scoliosis, pain, asthma, or a digestive disorder. To ensure that your child’s body is functioning properly, it is best to have their spine checked as a normal part of postnatal care with mom. If you have older children who have not had their spines checked, the sooner they are examined the more likely they are to reach their full healthy potential. The earlier spinal subluxations are corrected, the more quickly an individual can begin to enjoy true health.

The bones of the spine surround and protect the delicate spinal nerves that connect the brain to the body. We need to take care of these bones before they cause problems (just like your dentist takes care of the bones in your mouth before they cause a toothache). If your kids have not yet been checked, please schedule a screening for your next visit.

Chiropractic care for your children is vital to their health and is an absolute necessity for their development and for actualization of their full potential in every area of life.

Take a look at what an initial pediatric exam for a baby looks like at Iowa Family Chiropractic

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