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Chiropractic is the only form of health care that concerns itself with the detection and correction of spinal misalignment (also called subluxation). These subluxations may result from mental, physical or chemical stresses. When your body is functioning correctly, it is continually adapting to these stressors that arise in your day to day life.

No matter how young or old, from children and babies to the elderly, your spine is susceptible to spinal subluxation. We should all see a chiropractor to screen for and reduce nerve problems, slow degeneration and allow our bodies to function at their best - even Dr. Kellie and Dr. Miranda get adjusted regularly to maintain optimal health. It is likely that the sooner a spinal and nerve problem is detected, the faster and more completely it will be corrected, ensuring the proper development, function and adaptation of the body.

The doctors at IFC know that prevention is better than looking for a cure, and that prevention of future health problems is the only way to achieve wellness and your highest quality of life possible. Your body knows how to heal itself—the doctor is simply there to remove interferences with the body’s natural healing mechanism.

The chiropractic lifestyle is a journey, not a destination. You may look at health differently once you begin this journey, and rethink what it means to be “healthy”.  There is always something you can be doing to improve your life, and that is what we are here to help you with.

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