Brittany Kramer

Brittany Kramer

Brittany is a Chiropractic Assistant at Iowa Family Chiropractic

Article posts by this Author:

  • The truth about the flu shot

    Cold and flu season- it is on the rise and quickly approaching. This must mean we should all run out and get our flu shot right? Wrong!

  • My Whole30 Experience

    In college I ate what was cheap and convenient, meaning eating out quite a bit, late night snacking, and lots and lots of chips and ramen noodles. Because of my poor eating habits I felt sluggish, tired, bloated, and irritable quite often. Although I exercised when I could, it didn't make up for poor food choices.

  • Summer savings!

    Looking to save some $$$ this summer?

  • Happy Graduation!

    It's that time of year!

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