Allison Peet

Allison Peet

Allison Peet is the owner of From Within Wellness, LLC. She has a corporate background and lives in Des Moines with her husband and their two young children.  She is a qualified MBSR™ instructor (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) with over 200 hours of formal, in-person MBSR™ training through the UMass Medical School Center for Mindfulness, a culmination of 21 full days of silent meditation retreat experience to date, and daily meditation to deepen her own practice. She is also qualified through Mindful Schools to teach attention and self-regulation skills to children, kindergarten through high school. Allison also has a personal path of living with stress and anxiety. This is why her vision is to create a more mindful community by helping people develop inner resources to stress by teaching simple, practical life skills in attentional strength, present moment awareness, and self-compassion. She currently holds mindfulness workshops, classes and retreats for businesses, groups and individuals. For more information, contact her here, visit her on Facebook, or her website

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