Three Generations: A Star Family

posted on 9/5/2016 in Star Patient of the Month

Our star patients this month come in a three-generational family. Meet Julie, her daughter Sam, and granddaughters Aubrey & Paisley.


These ladies began care for a variety of reasons and have seen great results.

Sam brought Paisley in at six weeks old because she heard that adjustments help with acid reflux. After a few adjustments, Sam said that Paisley was a totally different baby! Sam began care because carrying and giving birth to her two girls is hard enough on any mom, but then you have to chase them :)  Aubrey began care because her mom wanted to prevent future problems since she is in sports and is a very active toddler.  Julie saw these results in the three of them and began care for herself!

Julie said chiropractic has been “life changing” - she can finally sleep, walk, and generally feels so much better…and feels more in control of her body!

Paisley is the happiest baby now; Aubrey feels better and loves coming to see Bodie, and Sam is pain free and can keep up with her two very active girls.

They love the knowledgeable and friendly doctors and staff.  We love when families get great results and take great care of themselves!

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