What kind of pillow should I use?

posted by Kellie Hoover, DC on 10/24/2016 in Blog

How much money have you invested trying to find a “good” pillow?

Here is one thing I can say for certain: it isn’t the pillow.

Your chiropractor is used to hearing these lines:

“It’s my mattress - I think I need a new one”

“I just can’t find the right pillow”

“Sleeping just hurts my neck”

We know! But it isn’t the pillow. It’s your neck.

If you have problems with your neck such as straightening of the curve or rotation of the spine, reversed curvature, disc degeneration, irritated nerves, etc., you simply aren’t going to find that perfect pillow until you address the real problem: your neck.

A healthy neck = regular adjustments, proper stretching, spending minimal time in a seated position, and routine stress-relieving activities.

Considering a healthy neck only, you should really be able to sleep in almost any position with almost any pillow and still continue have a healthy neck.

Still, we do have a recommendation for you. Watch the video to find out more. 

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