What Do You Do When Your House Is Burning Down?

posted by Kellie Hoover, DC on 10/8/2018 in Blog

Pain is your body's god- given smoke detector. Using a drug to alleviate pain is like taking the bat

We all want a quick fix, right?

I get it. I’m human, I’m busy and I’m with you. But there are some situations where this doesn’t apply, and your health is one of them.

Let’s look at pain. Think of it as a warning sign, your body’s way of signaling for help. Imagine this:

You wake up in the middle of the night to the annoying beep of a smoke detector. You drag yourself out of bed and walk with your eyes half open down the stairs and toward the kitchen. Suddenly you snap to when distinctly smell smoke, and then your eyes widen when you see it - flames coming from your living room. 

You have two options. 

1. Get out. 

2. Grab a chair, pull the batteries out of the smoke detector, and head back to bed. 

Now, I know what you’re thinking - who on earth would pick the second one? That’s crazy!

Yes, it absolutely is. And so is ignoring pain, or worse, taking a pain reliever to cover it up. 

Pain is your body’s inborn protective mechanism, your god-given smoke detector.  Using a drug to alleviate pain is like taking the batteries out of your smoke detector - sure, now you can sleep, but your house is going to burn down (with you in it). 

What do I mean by your “house” burning down? I’m talking about your body. Your organs, blood vessels, hormones, soft tissues. All of it. Your brain talks to your body through the nerves. It is the nerves that send pain messages, and they do so because your body is in danger of damage. Specifically, the nerves in the low back control things like digestion, reproductive organs, and muscles to the lower body. These areas are all being affected whether you know it or not.

What puts the fire out? Adjustments. Chiropractic adjustments reset the brain and nervous system, allowing your body to function normally again. No pain, no fire.

Don’t medicate, fix the cause. Your body has an amazing capacity for healing, and it’s up to you to take the first step. 

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Dr. Kellie is a family wellness chiropractor and the owner of Iowa Family Chiropractic and Iowa Family Chiropractic Ames

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