The truth about the flu shot

posted on 12/4/2017 in Blog

Cold and flu season- it is on the rise and quickly approaching. This must mean we should all run out and get our flu shot right? Wrong! Why bother with the nasty side effects the medication can cause when regular chiropractic care boost our immune systems and helps us to stay healthy throughout the year!

What is the flu and how effective is the vaccine?

The flu itself is a group of symptoms that is used to describe an illness caused by many viruses. 80% of “flu-like symptoms” are not actually symptoms of the flu. There is not a single virus that causes the flu. There are over 900 stands of the flu and even more growing.  The shot that everybody raves about every winter only consists of 3 or 4 of those strands! Based on a British Medical Journal, flu vaccines are no more than one percent effective at actually preventing the flu. The effectiveness of annual flu shots has been exaggerated; there has been little or no effect in reducing the number of hospital stays, time of work, and death from influenza and its complications.

So how do we protect ourselves from getting the flu?


By getting adjusted! The key to protecting you and your family from the flu (as well as colds, infections, or diseases) lies from within our immune systems! Any kind of flu or cold is an attack on our immune system. If your immune system is strong and healthy, then your body's protective system with kick in, deploying a host of immune cells that is designed to overtake unwanted intruders and work to destroy them. Chiropractic care boosts our immune system by 200%! This time of the year is often referred to as “flu season”, but the flu can happen anytime throughout the year. That is why regular chiropractic care is so important. In addition to regular adjustments, we can help to even further strengthen our immune system through proper diet, exercise, and stress reduction.

With this information, I hope you can allow your body to receive what it needs from within, the way you were designed! 

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