Resolutions vs. Goals

posted on 2/7/2017 in Blog

It is February…how are you all doing on those 2017 resolutions?

If you are like a third of the go-getters making that New Years resolutions-you have already given up hope!  Don’t feel bad, before the end of the year is up, everyone else has given up too.  Only 10% of the people who make a New Years Resolution actually stick it out and accomplish it.

Why is this?  Why do spend the end of each year writing out a to do list for my life only to ditch them within the first month?  What is the point hyping up the clean slate that comes every January 1st only to give up at the first sign of challenge?

I honestly didn’t even do resolutions for 2017 but only jotted down a few vague goals for the year in anticipation of my inevitable failure.  I didn’t want to go through the disappointment.  I didn’t want to have to admit to my friends and family that I didn’t accomplish what I had talked about over the holidays.

I recently attended a goal setting workshop presented by the lovely Annie Woods.  I had never met her before this event so I promise she isn’t paying me for this plug.  I truly learned some awesome things at her workshop that I wanted to share with you. 

At this workshop I admitted in front of a group of intelligent and ambitious women that I hadn’t set any real resolutions because “what was the point”? 

Annie taught us the difference between resolutions and goals (you really want to be a goal getter and not a list maker!) and then she introduced me to her Wheel of Life, which covered 9 areas of your life to focus on.

wheel of life

Going through this wheel and coloring in my satisfaction level with each of these aspects was a rude awakening.  Sure, I wasn’t really getting myself worked up about setting any goals but I was also not living my life the way I wanted to.  We were then asked to write down a goal for each aspect and then filter each one from there and really focus on the areas we needed work on.

Need a little help picking those goals back up? Re-evaluate your list of resolutions and focus on what is most important.  Need more guidance?  Check out Annie's website for her goal crushing guide and connect with her about goal coaching!  

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