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posted by Kellie Hoover, DC on 4/17/2017 in Blog

Hello, my name is Kellie and I’m a crunchy mom.

I don’t really care for that label, mostly because I feel like it makes others look at me like a weirdo. I still take showers and eat meat, no I’m not a hippie, and yes I like to shop at Target.

Yet, there may be things that I do that seem odd to some people: I had my baby at home and encapsulated my placenta. We eat 90% organic and only give baby 100% organic foods. I use essential oils and drink kombucha. We cloth diaper and co-sleep. Most of these things make life a little more difficult, and all of this is because we are trying our hardest to be healthy and raise healthy kids.

One thing that makes life easier? Breastfeeding. Yes, it is a ton of work, but it is a lifesaver in many instances. I had always heard about the amazing powers of breast milk, and having a baby in the last year finally gave me an opportunity to try some of these things out! The magical properties of mama’s milk seem to be endless. Research tells us that breastfeeding will keep a baby healthier because of the antibodies that baby gets from mom. This means fewer colds and other common childhood illnesses. There is even evidence that breast milk can kill cancer cells!

Did you know you can also use milk topically? This is a great way to avoid conventional medications and harsh chemicals. Here are a few things you can use breast milk for:

Rashes, eczema, baby acne, chapped lips, dry skin and other skin problems

Bee stings and mosquito bites

Cradle cap

Ear and eye infections (Yes, you can use milk in eyes and ears! Don’t use if your child has tubes though.)

Yeast infections/diaper rash


Clogged tear ducts

Scrapes and cuts

Some of these I have personally had success with and others I have heard about from other moms. A great way to keep milk handy for these uses is to freeze in an ice cube tray, or to suck some milk into those little syringes (you can get them from a pharmacy), freeze and then store in a ziplock bag. This will ensure you don’t waste any precious milk and it’s ready to use right away.

If you have other ideas or personal successes with using breast milk for common ailments, please share! My motto is, when in doubt, put a little breast milk on it.

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