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posted by Kellie Hoover, DC on 6/3/2018 in Blog

Forgive me for all of the kid posts lately, it's just what I am dealing with at home!

Yesterday, I had company over. I was getting some stuff done while they cuddled my newborn (now 5 weeks old - whoa!). I could hear the horrendous noise from the other room, and then a woman's voice, "what the heck are you feeding her?" and I knew. My husband then yelled - "Hey Kel, did you adjust her?"


Yes. Yes, I did. About 45 minutes ago. And then I promptly handed her off.

Maxine hadn't pooped much the day before (I think just once?) and around 3pm the next day I decided it was time to take matters into my own hands. I adjusted her lower back, and lo and behold, she pooped. A ton. Two diapers, back to back.

I have heard from patients before, "his pediatrician says it's normal for a breastfed baby to go up to two weeks without pooping". Nope, not buying it. Don't confuse the word "normal" with "common". Yes, many babies do go days or even weeks without pooping - does that sound okay to you? No! Not normal! That is not how a body is supposed to work, even a newborn. 

If your kid (or you, but I won't embarrass you) isn't pooping regularly, they need to be checked out by a chiropractor. Think of it like this: if your power in your house was out, can you turn your kitchen light on? No - the electricity isn't getting through to the bulbs. Your body works the same way - if the brain's signals can't get through to the bowels, they don't "turn on" and you end up with a constipated, angry baby. 

I can't even begin to tell you how often we get feedback from parents that their babies, toddlers, or big kids start pooping normally after adjustments. Every once in awhile an adult also whispers to me about being more "regular" once beginning chiropractic care. 

If your baby is in need of some relief, come talk to us. And if you are in need of relief yourself, don't worry, poop doesn't embarrass us.

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