Get your butt outside today!

posted on 4/10/2017 in Blog

Getting to be outside when the weather is nice is the highlight of my day. Whether it is going for a walk on my lunch break, taking a ride on with my dad on his motorcycle, or even grilling, being outside is an essential part of my life. Below are four benefits of being out in nature and how they impact your health. 

Vitamin D: This vitamin is essential for people to have a healthy immune system. Remember those cold, gloomy, dark days of winter where you are sick in bed with a cold or the flu? Notice how you hardly ever get sick in the spring and summer? That is because being outside is much easier in the summertime.  The sun gives you a free source of vitamin D which helps to boost your immune system, and being out in nature is the best way to get it.

Better Sleep: Our bodies work on a schedule that revolves around the sun. Most people wake up when the sun comes up, and go to sleep when the sun sets. I have noticed that when the sun comes up in the morning, it is easier for me to wake up feeling energized. People who take their dogs on a walk in the morning, or go by themselves, have more energy throughout the day. This is because they wake up early, get out in nature and get on a schedule with the sun. By being on a schedule, your body will naturally be able to wind down for bed, and you can fall asleep easier at night.

Exercise: There is something about being out in nature that gets people moving. Taking walks during a lunch break, digging the bike out of the shed on the weekend, and even yard work all become easier to do once it is nice outside. For myself, working out feels less like a chore when I get to go outside for a bike ride or taking the dog for a walk. Being inside, in a gym just isn’t as fun as being outside in fresh air.

Stress reduction: Taking a walk or eating lunch outside is the easiest way to reduce your stress. The fresh air helps to clear your head, your immune system gets a boost, and you have more energy from the sun. Your overall mood is improved after being outside which in turn, leads to a better day.

I encourage everyone to get outside, unplug and enjoy the nature that is around us. Being outside in nature is crucial for your health. Check out local trails and parks in the Des Moines Area and enjoy the great outdoors!

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