Five Fun Facts About Your Spine

posted on 3/6/2017 in Blog


1. Humans and giraffes both have 7 cervical vertebrae in their necks.  How is it that a giraffes neck can grow up to 7 feet tall?  Our tall friends have vertebra that can measure up to 11 inches!

2.The spine has 3 curves and is so flexible that it can form 2/3 of a perfect circle.  If this wasn’t the case –we wouldn’t get to enjoy the amazing performers in Cirque De Soleil!

3.When astronauts return from space, they often come back taller than when they Earth.  When gravity is removed, cartilage can expand, making us taller.   We also wake up taller after a full night of sleep.  Much like astronauts in space, our spines have had 8 hours without a downward gravitational pull, allowing cartilage to expand.

4.On average the spinal cord is about 18 inches long in men and 17 inches long in women.  The spinal cord is the main pathway for information connecting the brain and nervous system.  This is why your chiropractic adjustments are so important.  Your spine houses your nerves and we want to keep them healthy!

5.Good posture can make you feel more confident.  When you stand up straight you get a surge of hormones, including testosterone.  A study conducted by Ohio State University showed that sitting up straight gives you confidence in your own thoughts!  Hopefully you all are sitting up a little straighter! 

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