Family members are always your biggest critics, right

posted on 7/24/2019 in Blog


Family members are always your biggest critics, right?

Same here. 

This is my grandpa. He reminded me this week that he and I are celebrating ten years since he stared under chiropractic care. He also reminded me what he said the first time he came in. 

“I don’t believe in chiropractic.”

Now this is a warm, friendly guy - but he was dead serious! He truly didn’t think chiropractic could help him. 

My grandpa (his name is Jim, by the way) had had back problems for awhile. He had been getting epidurals (steroid injections in his low back) and was still having trouble. I remember my grandma being worried because his legs would give out suddenly, and this dude, young at heart, REALLY liked to climb. He was on a roof or ladder on the regular. And he was giving me a chance. 

Well, the rest is history. This man is totally healthy now. He never went back for another epidural and he still comes to see me for his wellness adjustment. That’s right, he even learned that chiropractic can be used to not only GET you healthy, it can KEEP you healthy. 

Thanks grandpa for trusting me. 

Thanks to all of you out there who have trusted all of us.

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