Establish a nighttime routine for better sleep

posted on 1/17/2017 in Blog


Falling asleep on time each night and getting adequate sleep is essential to daily life. People who get 7 to 9 hours of sleep each night tend to be happier, healthier and have less stress. Life gets hectic sometimes, but establishing a nighttime routine is a great way to wind down after a long day while also getting you ready for the next morning. Here are three easy ways to start a nighttime routine:

1.      No electronics before bed. The light from cell phones and TVs tricks our brains into thinking it is daylight, which makes it harder to fall asleep. Try reading 20 to 30 minutes prior bed time, take a warm shower, or log in a journal to get the day's thoughts out.

2.      Watch what you eat and drink before bed. More fluids before bed means more trips to the bathroom throughout the night. Eating too big of a meal can also cause discomfort. Sugary snacks and caffeine can also cause your body to go haywire and can keep you alert which will result in difficulty falling asleep. 

3.      Pick a time at night to start winding down and establish your own routine. Pick your clothes out for the night before, pack your lunch if need be, shut the tv off and get ready for bed. By sticking to a nighttime routine, it will become easier to fall asleep. 

By establishing a nighttime routine before bed this will make your body adapt to relaxing in the evenings and allow your brain to shut down so you can have more sleep to feel refreshed and ready for the upcoming day. It can be difficult to hold yourself accountable to a nighttime routine with other factors affecting your evening schedule. Set reminders on your cell phone to give you ample amount of time to ready yourself before bed. Sticking to an easy schedule during the evenings can create a easier morning and better tomorrow if nighttime routines are taken advantage of. 

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