Essential oil spotlight: Peppermint

posted by Kellie Hoover, DC on 1/25/2017 in Blog

If I had to walk out the door with only one oil, this would be it.

Peppermint oil is my personal fav because of its versatility. Below are some basic uses.

Headache/migraine relief

A drop or two massaged into your neck and temples (or even just taking a whiff of the bottle) provides amazing pain reduction. Be careful not to touch your eyes afterward!

Muscle tension relief

Dilute a few drops with a carrier oil and rub into sore areas. Great for the neck and shoulders.

Fever reducer

Be cautious with this one. Fever is always present for a reason, and most of the time the body's temperature should be left alone. When our bodies are invaded by a virus/bacteria, the brain tells the body to heat up to kill the invader. (We actually see that after an adjustment, a fever actually rises, meaning the body is working even better to destroy the illness.) If you lower the fever, whether it be through natural remedies like oils, or conventional treatment like OTC fever reducer, it stops the body from performing its job.

That said, one drop of peppermint oil in the belly button has been known to reduce fever. Be very careful with young kids, as peppermint has a cooling effect and may be uncomfortable for a child.


Peppermint oil will wake you up in a pinch if you find yourself dozing off at work. This is a great tool for kids as well - if your child has trouble concentrating at school, you can ask if they can use oils in class. (Cedarwood is my personal fav for attention in school, but peppermint is a close second.)


You can diffuse peppermint in a room or even rub your hands together with a drop and take a deep breath into cupped hands. Your sinuses will thank you.

You know by now that we use Young Living oils at IFC because we find them to be of higher quality than other oils. Always use oils carefully, especially with children, and ask one of your doctors if you have any questions.

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