Ear Infections (a personal story from our CA, Kim)

posted on 2/27/2017 in Blog

ear infection

They suck.

Kids get them, and adults get them as well. I was fortunate enough to not get them as a child (You are welcome, Mom). But once I hit my junior year in college, my time came. I was constantly sick with a cold, or sinus infection, would not get any sleep, and one side of my head always hurt. I would go to the doctor like the lost college student, and would complain about my symptoms. Most of my doctors would tell me I need to wait it out since I had no previous history of ear infections or they prescribed an antibiotic. I tried literally every remedy under the sun, including numerous calls to my mom crying (Sorry Mom).

After I graduated, my health did not improve, in fact, it got worse…. WAY WORSE. I would get a cold, and it would last for what seemed like forever. Then one wonderful day, my doctors said my tonsils needed to be removed, immediately. This was a shock to me, because I grew up with the “tough it out, you aren’t bleeding” attitude and was always told that my body would heal itself. However, I quickly learned that, most of the time ear tubes, tonsils and adenoids being removed are the “go-to” by medical doctors to ease ear infections. (YIKES.)

All of this happened right before I started working here at Iowa Family Chiropractic, and I still regret my uninformed decision. I learned really quickly that chiropractic care does AMAZING things for people with ear infections several other illnesses. Most people come in after two adjustments, and BAM, no more ear infections. Even patients that walk in with the common cold heal faster with an adjustment. My initial thought process: “How are they being healed so quickly?” My question was answered when I saw my x-rays and results with Dr. Miranda. She explained to me that a chiropractic adjustment puts the spine back into proper place which in turn, regulates your nerves and allows your body to heal itself. (Pretty cool right!?)

I was also intrigued by the amount of people who used essential oils when they are sick. I had heard of putting oils on cotton balls and then placing it on your ear, but without the knowledge I have now, I thought it was just voodoo magic. BOY WAS I WRONG. Getting an adjustment and using essential oils has helped me get over my colds much faster, and I have not had an ear infection since I’ve been under regular chiropractic care.

If you, or someone you knows suffers from ear infections, tell them to consider a chiropractor first. It will save you thousands in the long run, because you won’t have to pay for a surgery. If you are interested in some home remedies for treating ear infections with oils, click on the link below. Just remember, you have plenty of options out there, and our doctors will always answer any of the questions that you have.

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