Our Success Stories

Learn how Iowa Family Chiropractic has changed lives!

We have helped thousands of people in the Des Moines Metro and Ames Iowa area get out of pain.

Teri Lynn: Prenatal Pain

Teri Lynn shares her experience with chiropractic care at Iowa Family Chiropractic and the incredible relief that she felt with her regular adjustments during her three pregnancies.

Daniel Hupke: Devastating Football Injury

Daniel shares how IFC helped him not only fully recover from a devastating football injury but actually completely surpass what his body was previously capable of.

Haylee: Migraine Relief

Haylee was suffering from debilitating migraines. She sought the help of the team at Iowa Family Chiropractic and within a few short weeks, she saw amazing results and was able to take back control of her life.

Megan: Pregnancy Pain

Megan compares the difference between her first pregnancy without chiropractic care and her second pregnancy where she received regular chiropractic adjustments at Iowa Family Chiropractic.

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