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Iowa Family Chiropractic Des Moines

Kellie Hoover


Dr. Kellie has been helping the Des Moines area at Iowa Family Chiropractic since 2008, caring for all types of people and conditions. She has a passion for children and families.

Dr. Amanda

Dr. Amanda Carver DC

Dr. Amanda has a passion for meeting people where they are, and coming alongside them on their health journey. She does this by helping them to achieve the optimal health they were born to have.

Dr. Allsion

Dr. Allison Fair DC

Dr. Allison loves seeing people take control of their health and is honored to help people heal and regain a positive sense of mind, body and spirit!

Dr. Taylor

Dr. Taylor Funke DC

Dr. Taylor is passionate about taking care of families, especially children, as that is where true health begins.

Iowa Family Chiropractic Ames

Nicole Hernandez

Dr. Nicole McLain DC

Dr. Nicole is passionate about helping people of all ages stay active and reach their health and fitness goals.

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